Vietnam is truly amazing, and with my team I am proud and passionate about my country, its people and our culture – we really look forward to sharing its beauty and history with you. My Private Vietnam Shore Excursions are specially designed, allowing you to experience authentic Vietnam with first world comforts & levels of customer service.

“Other people on our cruise ship organized private tours but none came close to what we experienced. I can therefore say with confidence that Xuan Tu’s tour company is the best” – Client TripAdvisor Review

We welcome couples, families and small groups of friends for a truly private experience. And with prior coordination, I can accommodate groups formed on Cruise Critic ‘Roll Call’ forums.

“She took us to places that a normal commercial trip would not reach and she was genuinely concerned at showing us as much as possible. Her driver Binh was also excellent, managing to navigate his way round the scootered masses and delivering us back to the Cruise Ship in good time” – Client TripAdvisor Review

My Private Vietnam Shore Excursions are based on my successful Private Day Tours but add-in special requirements always requested by discerning cruise ship clients.

* The ports of Vietnam are used extensively for cargo/freight operations so their busy industrial nature can present a challenge when walking between ship and port gates. This can take up to 30 minutes. For your convenience and safety, I include the extra port fee to meet you shipside – there is no requirement to locate port gates.

Shore Excursions From Chan May & Tien Sa Ports

Central Vietnam is served by two ports although your ship itinerary will often just say ‘Da Nang’ as the port of arrival: 

  • Chan May Port is best suited for Private Shore Excursions to either the Imperial City of Hue or the metropolitan city of Da Nang and UNESCO listed Hoi An, as it is located roughly halfway between each.
  • Tien Sa (Da Nang) Port is part of Da Nang itself and is best for Private Shore Excursions into Da Nang and Hoi An. The ancient Champa ruins of My Son Sanctuary are also a popular destination from Tien Sa.

Shore Excursions From Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau (Phu My) Ports

Sài Gòn in Vietnamese is still the official name of central Saigon, with the greater city now known as Ho Chi Minh City (or just HCMC). It is served by four ports depending on the size of your ship – small & medium-sized vessels can navigate the winding Saigon River almost into the city centre (Nha Rong, Phu Huu & Hiep Phuoc ports) while larger ships berth at Phu My Port (Vung Tau city):
  • Nha Rong, Phu Huu & Hiep phuoc Ports are best suited for Private Shore Excursions to either Cu Chi Tunnel & Saigon City or the Mekong Delta, as it is located near the city centre.
  • Phu My Port, a 65km drive to Saigon centre. My Private Shore Excursions can include Saigon city itself, the Mekong Delta or South Vietnam’s own ‘seaside’ city of Vũng Tàu.

Shore Excursions From Ha Long Bay (Cai Lan) & Hai Phong Ports

North Vietnam is served by two ports: Cai Lan Port and Hai Phong Port:

  • Cai Lan Port is about 10 km from Ha Long Bay and 160 km from Hanoi. This port is best for Private Halong Bay Shore Excursions or the capital Hanoi thousand years of civilization.
  • Hai Phong Port is about 1.5 hours to Ha Long Bay best suited for Private Shore Excursions to either Ha Long Bay or the capital Hanoi city.

Vietnam Shore Excursions Payment Terms

I ask for a 20% deposit payable on your receipt of my PayPal invoice. Your deposit is used to pay Vietnam Port Authority fees prior to your arrival (a legal requirement here, to allow shipside pick-up & drop-off). Receipt of your deposit by my company will indicate that you have read these Terms and Conditions and that you have accepted them.

“Private tours do cost more than cruise excursions, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for!” We felt like we received great value for our money and saw so much more than other cruise guests returning from their excursions. I would highly recommend Xuan Tu Tours”

Your Vietnam Shore Excursion balance is payable at the end of your excursion in cash – $USD, or our local currency (VND) at the exchange rate prevailing on the day.

If required by you, I can accept a deposit of more than 20% via PayPal, up to the full value of your Shore Excursion/s plus a PayPal bank charge of 4.5%.

Deposit Cancellation Terms:

  • 100% deposit return – if cancelled 28 days or more before your arrival date
  • 50% deposit return – if cancelled between 28 & 14 days before your arrival date, unless your tour slot can be rebooked. Every effort is made to rebook
  • 0 % deposit return – if cancelled less than 14 days before your arrival date, or for ‘no-shows’ after the ship has docked.

Cancellation by your cruise company where the ship is unable to dock/tender due to Force Majeure reasons
In the most unlikely event your ship is unable to dock at ports or the tender can not discharge passengers, my company will endeavour to negotiate with the Vietnam Port Authority Agents to minimize the cancellation charge – full repayment of port fees is not guaranteed by these agents. Please kindly remember my driver and tour guide will have been sent to the port to welcome you and will require payment for their time. I will advise you on specific details if this is the case and get back to you with any refund amount.

It is perhaps worth saying that in the last 5 years, only once has a cruise ship been unable to dock due to inclement weather where Private Shore Excursions have been booked with my company.